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Group admission rates are reserved for organized groups, such as church groups and family reunions, and can only be booked with a minimum of 15 people. Please book at least one month in advance of your visit. You'll need at least 1 adult for every 5 children. Please note, if you add a workshop, each workshop can accommodate up to 32 students.

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Add an Educational Workshop to your visit!  $3.00+tax per child 


Educational Workshops

Spinning Tops (PreK-1st)

Engineering Design, Mathematics

In this exciting workshop, students build LEGO® spinning tops, collect data on whose design spins the longest, while also learning about the forces that affect their top’s performance.

Seasons (PreK-1st)

Science, Speaking & Listening

Help your early years’ students learn about the seasons the hands on way. In this workshop, students will build and share what they know about the current season; leading to a discussion on weather changes and important seasonal activities and events.

Spin the Gears (2nd-3rd)

Engineering Design, Mathematics

Gears, gears, gears! In this workshop students will build a series of models and experiment with gears exploring the difference between drive vs. driven gears, clockwise vs. counterclockwise, and discovering the concepts of effort and force.

What A Great Experience! (2nd-6th)

English Language Arts

In this workshop, students will take inspiration from MINILAND®  and recount an experience they have had in their city, literally building their characters, setting, and plot using LEGO® elements. They will also write about their experience using their creativity.


Must provide proof of tax exemption