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LEGOLAND® Discovery Centers have collaborated with LEGO® Education to provide unique, high quality learning experiences!


Introducing NEW educational workshops Fall 2018!

*Available for booking September 1st, 2018

  • Now accepting 2019 bookings!

Educational Workshops


Check out these new workshops coming Fall 2018!

*Available for booking September 1st, 2018

Inspire your students imaginations with educational play that harnesses the limitless creative possibilities of LEGO® bricks.

LEGOLAND Discovery Centers offer hands-on learning across the curriculum, including science, mathematics, language arts, social studies, and engineering design, while building and reinforcing Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving.

Our centers facilitate learning through interactive experiences to promote deeper engagement with the subject matter.

Scene Builders

In this workshop, students will build an important scene from a story that they have read or a mind-bopping original story that they create. They will then get to share how they created the setting, plot, staging and more through LEGO® bricks!

Subjects covered: Language Arts, Communication

Brick Biology

Calling all Mini-Adventurers! In this exciting workshop, students will explore and demonstrate an understanding of animals and where they live. While digging deep into their creative building skills, they will also consider characteristics of their animals, adaptations, and habitats. 

Subjects covered: Science, Collaboration

What's Behind My Back?

Jump into this supercharged workshop! Students will expand their knowledge of mathematical terms related to positions, numbers and colors. Communication will be key for students to work together to recreate their partner's original LEGO® build!

Subjects covered: Communication, Mathematics

Community Planner

We need your mini-builders to help us create a super-mega-awesome community! Students will explore communities and the needs of citizens. While creating an amazing structure of their own, they will join forces to piece together their totally awesome LEGO® community!

Subjects covered: Social Studies, Collaboration


LEGOLAND® Discovery Centers and LEGO® Education work in partnership to deliver high quality educational experiences will prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s world. Now educators can discover the learning philosophy of LEGO Education in the thrilling atmosphere of LEGOLAND Discovery Centers, offering a wonderful balance of learning and fun.


We offer teachers well-designed, age appropriate school trips that support educational curriculum standards.

  • All LEGOLAND Discovery Center workshops integrate hands-on materials and activities designed by LEGO Education in collaboration with real-world educators
  • Meet current education standards bringing math, science, engineering, and language arts to life
  • Develop 21st century learning skills of communication, collaboration, critical-thinking, and problem solving

We are thrilled to offer special rates for groups affiliated with educational institutions.

We offer teacher preview visits to help you plan your school visit. Come and familiarize yourself with the attraction and ask our staff any questions you may have. Please contact us at (816)556-3245 or email us at to schedule your preview visit in advance.




1 FREE adult per every 5 students! Additional adults $10.00+tax each

Add an educational workshop to your visit!

$3.00+tax per student. Please note, only students may participate in workshops.





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